domingo, 25 de enero de 2015

1st Anniversary of my blog - A thank you

Why am I writing a "thank you" in a blog that is written in spanish? Because, according to the Blogger counter, the majority of my visitors came from countries that don't have "the language of Cervantes" as their native tongue (Malaysia, Indonesia, India, France, China, etc.). Maybe you're mexicans living in other places or maybe you are lost virtual tourists, but anyway, I want to say: Thank You.

Now, I'm not going to promise to start writing my entries both in spanish and english (because frankly It will take too much time for me, I don't have the skills to write as good as I assure you I do in castilian and also because I'm sure you have seasoned reviewers better than me in your own countries) but I will, like, totally promise that you can count on me writing for a long time so you can practice your spanish learning lessons reading strange bad constructed sentences with unusual words that will confuse you even more :)

Also, I have had some visitors from Germany... Once I met a beautiful german girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. With so rare features over there and the extensiveness of the description I just gave you, I'm sure you will immediately spot her. Say "Hi" to her from this mexican guy.

LJ double S

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